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Just imagine yourself in a small corner alley coffee shop in an exotic locale and inhale! If you're a coffee lover, you won't be disappointed by this fragrance.

But First Coffee

  • This delicious scent sugar scrubs all whipped into a jar are made in small batches weekly, always with natural ingredients to clean and soothe your skin.


    SIZE: 10 oz. aprox. Large Jar!


    USAGE: Just pinch out directly on skin or for even more bubbles, use with a shower puff and exfoliate and clean your skin. The sugar will exfoliate your skin and our natural ingredients will leave you with clean silky skin. 


    They are also sulfate, detergent FREE and vegan friendly. 


    Check out our HONEY BODY LOTIONS and HONEY SOAP BARS collections too! 

  • Raw cane sugar, sweet almond oil, castile olive oil, shea butter, glycerin, fragrance, phenonip (preservative), vitamin E, cocoa powder, and grounded Colombian coffee. 

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