All our products are made in small batches with the best natural ingredients. We work with high quality oils that we obtained locally; we use our own honey in our soaps and lotions, and beeswax in our lip balms and candles. 

Being a beekeeper is a challenging and important job these days. Bees are dying at record rates putting our food supply at serious risk. We like to think we are collaborating to restore and protect the world's bees in a small scale. It is important for us to not only offer the best natural products, but also spread the word about the importance of bees.


Thank you for supporting small business like ours! 





Cherry Blossom

This lotion is reminiscent of that  light, sweet and refreshing and almost signaling the start of Spring.


Spring Soaps

Lilac, Peony, Sunflower Sandalwood, Cherry Blossom, Wil Rose, Sunrise Mimosa, and Energy are part of our spring collection. 



I've tried a few different artisan soaps but these are the only ones I get now! They always smell great and feel silky smooth on my skin not to talk about how beautiful they are!


I have the body lotion and there is nothing else like it. I challenge anyone to find a better lotion than this one. No alcohol on the label!


Being following on IG for awhile and finally decided to purchase a few bars of soap. I am so glad I did! They smell amazing and they leave my skin feeling soft and clean. My husband is eyeing them up so I think I'll be placing another order today. 

Hope K.